In the towns we eat a la carte. The kitchen is adapted to foreign clients. You can enjoy African, European and Vegetarian dishes (rare). Even the salad is well treated and should pose no problem.
In the camps in general you have the choice between two or three dishes of sound quality. Rice, couscous or pasta will be served with sauce, sometimes chicken with fries. On the pinasse the cook prepares also the fish purchased among fishermen.
During the long journeys or to avoid restaurants frequented too (sometimes on Monday in Djenne) the guide will take care of your food. In a nice spot in the shade, you'll be served a picnic . (not just a box of sardines!)
Rarely you can choose the restaurant. Please let us know your choice in advance.

For travel in northern Mali, it is prudent to provide your own supplementtary food with extra vitamins.
The restaurant close to the agency offers 10 vegetarian dishes
(see Map of Sévaré)

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